Discovery of Antarctica, Patagonia and Chilean Fjords

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This exciting expedition cruise takes you from the beauty of the Chilean coast to magical Antarctica. Encounter Chile's spectacular fjords before sailing past Cape Horn to the southern reaches of the Earth and experiencing such amazing polar adventures as ice-cruising and landings.
18 days

Discover the Natural Beauty of Patagonia

Starting in colorful Valparaíso, we sail along the Chilean coastline of snow-tipped volcanoes, beautiful lakes, raging rivers and lush vegetation. This vast, rugged and beautiful landscape never fails to amaze. 

Chilean Fjords and Cape Horn

We journey into the remote fjords of Chile, an area that seems almost untouched by humans. Steep valleys and powerful mountains make a striking contrast to a lush coastline rich in wildlife. On our way south, we pass the famed Cape Horn.

Exploring the Great White Continent

At the last great untouched continent of Antarctica, we will attempt landings to come close to penguins, seals, whales and large flocks of sea birds in a surreal and beautiful icescape.

Our expert expedition team will lead ice-cruising and exciting landing activities to ensure an unforgettable voyage.

There may be a chance to kayak in the company of whales and icebergs, hike in amazing scenery, and even camp on the world´s most remote continent. Our experienced captain works with the elements to create the best possible itinerary for your adventure.

Heading home, enjoy fascinating talks and lectures in our Science Center as we cross Drake Passage en route to Punta Arenas. 

      Experience Patagonia and Antarctica in one expedition cruise
      Discover the magnificent Chilean fjords
      See Cape Horn and cross the Drake Passage
      Enjoy ice-cruising, landings and wildlife encounters in Antarctica

  • Hurtigruten expedition cruise in the cabin grade of your choice    
  • Transfer ship to airport in Punta Arenas
  • Coach-class flight from Punta Arenas to Santiago de Chile


  • rich program of included activities on all voyages designed to immerse you in the destinations you visit, including small boat cruising and onshore exploration with the expedition team  
  • Professional English-speaking expedition team - an international, handpicked team of highly educated experts in various academic fields with profound knowledge of the region we sail in  
  • Complimentary wind and water-resistant jacket  
  • Loan of boots, trekking poles, and equipment needed for optional and included activities  


  • In-depth lectures on science, history, biology, geography, geology or culture that provide context to your voyage and help you understand the destinations you will experience  
  • Explorer Science program, with educational and Citizen Science activities that inform you about the sights you’ll see, while contributing to research
  • Introductory photo lecture, including camera adjustments and tips and tricks
  • Photos and film/video footage from the voyage shared in the Expedition Logbook
  • Casual opportunities to engage with the expedition team and other guests, including a welcome event, daily gatherings to recap the day and prepare for the day to come
  • Port presentations providing destination insight
  • Opportunities to dine and interact with the expedition team and officers 
  • Destination-focused onboard library  
  • farewell event


  • All meals including beverages (ship beer and wine, sodas and mineral water in all restaurants)
  • Fredheim restaurant meals included 
  • A la carte restaurant (only for suite guests) 
  • Coffee and tea included throughout the day
  • Early riser and afternoon treat offered in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner 
  • Rejuvenating wellness areas with separate treatment rooms, infinity pool, outdoor gym, running track 
  • Gym, hot tubs and panoramic sauna
  • Free Wi-fi on board for all guests. Be aware that we sail in remote areas with limited connection. Streaming is not supported.
  • No gratuities expected

  • International flights 
  • Optional shore excursions with our local partners  
  • Optional small-group adventures with our expedition team such as kayaking, camping, glacier walks, long hikes (availability pending weather conditions and safety)  
  • Optional small-group Explorer Photo program with our Expedition Photographer   
  • Travel protection plan  
  • Luggage handling 
This is an expedition where the elements rule, and the weather, wind and ice conditions determine our final schedule. Safety is paramount, and the captain decides the sailing itinerary during the voyage. Therefore, this itinerary is just an indication of what you can experience, and why every expedition with Hurtigruten is unique.
Terms, conditions and restrictions apply; pricing, availability, and other details subject to change and/ or apply to US or Canadian residents. Please confirm details and booking information with your travel advisor.


  1. The “Jewel of the Pacific” - Valparaíso - Full Day

    This expedition cruise starts in colorful Valparaíso. One of the best ways of seeing the city is by riding its funiculars for sweeping views. We also recommend extending your adventure by exploring the amazing Atacama Desert through our optional pre-cruise Land Adventure before embarking on MS Roald Amundsen.

    The “Jewel of the Pacific” - Valparaíso - Full Day
  2. Sailing South - At sea

    As we make our way along the Pacific coast of Chile, the expedition team will start the lecture program to prepare you for the experiences ahead. Make sure to spend some time on deck to watch for wildlife.

    Sailing South - At sea
  3. Cosmopolitan Castro - Castro - Full Day

    Set among windswept hills and lush green vegetation, Castro is known for its colorful “palafitos,” wooden houses mounted on stilts along the water's edge, as well as the UNESCO World Heritage site, Iglesia San Francisco.

    Included activity

    Castro Walking Tour (2 hrs)

    Explore landmarks and cultural sights on a city walk through Castro, the capital of Chile’s Chiloé Island. Castro is famous for its ornate church, Iglesia de San Francisco, and the nearby districts of Rilán, Nercón and Chelín are known for their unique wooden churches, designated UNESCO World Heritage sites. Castro and Chiloé are also famous for palafitos, traditional wooden stilt houses.

    Cosmopolitan Castro - Castro - Full Day
  4. Waters of Patagonia - At sea

    We sail south through the fabled waters of Patagonia and to one of the world’s most remote and beautiful places: the province of Ultima Esperanza, meaning Last Hope. We voyage through iconic Andean seascapes for views of a glorious expanses of undisturbed nature.

    Waters of Patagonia - At sea
  5. Isolated Beauty - Puerto Edén - Half Day

    The village of Puerto Edén in Bernardo O’Higgins National Park will enchant you. It is known for its geographical isolation, situated at the end of a deep fjord and surrounded by mountains. Its population of 250 includes the 15 remaining members of the Kawéskar people.

    Isolated Beauty - Puerto Edén - Half Day
  6. Torres del Paine National Park - Puerto Natales - Overnight stay

    Puerto Natales is the gateway to Torres del Paine National Park, world famous for the impressive “Torres del Paine” rock formation. Explore the park on our optional excursion to discover a landscape of stunning variety. Watch for llamas, pumas, and foxes in addition to many species of birds, like the Andean condor.

    Included Activity:

    Scenes of Puerto Natales (3 hrs)

    Explore the small city of Puerto Natales and its scenic surroundings. Visit Plaza de Armas, a tree-lined square in the town centre, and then go to a large cave where the bones of a prehistoric ground sloth called a Milodón were found in 1896. The cave attracts many visitors and features a historical display of the tribes who inhabited the area as far back as 12,000 years ago

    Torres del Paine National Park - Puerto Natales - Overnight stay
  7. A Paradise for Nature Lovers - Chilean fjords

    Deep fjords and tall mountains plunging into icy waters characterize this wild area that almost seems untouched by humans. Glacial ice has scoured its way between the mountains, creating the lovely isolated islands and hidden bays that form this unique fjord landscape.

    A Paradise for Nature Lovers  - Chilean fjords
  8. Cape Horn and the Drake Passage - At sea

    In the morning we will sail through scenic Beagle Channel before continuing into open waters, and if conditions allow, we will make an attempt to land on Cape Horn – the southernmost tip of South America.

    Next, we sail the legendary Drake Passage while our lecture series prepares you for Antarctica’s fantastic wildlife and history.

    Cape Horn and the Drake Passage - At sea
  9. The Most Remote and Beautiful Places on Earth - Antarctica

    Antarctica never ceases to amaze and astound. Ninety percent of the world´s ice is here, and the continent virtually doubles in size due to sea ice in the winter. In summer, it is a cradle of life, a vital breeding ground for millions of penguins, whales and seals.

    As outlined in the Antarctic Treaty, this is a continent dedicated to peace, science and tourism that has evolved through millenniums without human interference. Therefore, we adhere to very strict environmental guidelines. We want to leave nothing but our footprints and take nothing but pictures!

    The elements rule in Antarctica, and our experienced captain will create the best itinerary possible for your adventure. We will attempt landings at several sites in the South Shetlands and on the Antarctic Peninsula and show you the diversity of the region´s wildlife and landscape.

    Our expert expedition team will take you on ice-cruising outings and exciting landing activities.  There may also be the chance to kayak in the company of whales and icebergs, hike in amazing scenery and perhaps camp on the world´s most isolated continent.

    It´s hard to put this wild beauty into words. As a well-known quote from a veteran Antarctic traveler puts it: “If you can describe Antarctica with words, you have probably never been there.”

    The Most Remote and Beautiful Places on Earth - Antarctica
  10. Crossing the Drake Passage - At sea

    MS Roald Amundsen takes us safely back across Drake Passage as we continue our lecture series and recap our experiences of Antarctica.

    Crossing the Drake Passage - At sea
  11. The End of the Expedition - Punta Arenas / Santiago de Chile

    Sadly, every expedition must come to an end. When we reach Punta Arenas, on the edge of the Strait of Magellan, it is time to say goodbye. Your journey home continues with a flight to Santiago de Chile, where you have a chance to extend your stay and enjoy our optional post-cruise Land Adventures.

    The End of the Expedition - Punta Arenas / Santiago de Chile
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