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Be among the few to sail in the wake of great explorers as we attempt to cruise through the legendary Northwest Passage. Experience the raw and daunting beauty of the Arctic on this rare adventure. Our advanced expedition ship is one of the few in the world capable of navigating the fabled passage in premium comfort.
20 days

In the Wake of Great Explorers

On this Northwest Passage expedition cruise, we sail in the wake of the great explorers to rediscover the remote beauty of pure Arctic wilderness. We explore in the tradition of Roald Amundsen, the first man to sail the Northwest Passage.

If the elements allow, we will sail from Cambridge Bay and venture into the archipelago of Nunavut. Making our way through the icy waters, you will be amazed by the vast expanse of pristine wilderness seen.

History, Landings and Natural Beauty

We intend to visit sites with traces of earlier expeditions. We hope to call on some of the world’s northernmost communities, explore legendary inlets, and take you on exciting small boat cruises and landings. Our expedition team seizes every chance to launch kayaks or go hiking.

Crossing Davis Strait to Greenland, we discover Inuit settlements and Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site. We then sail back to Atlantic Canada before the expedition concludes in Halifax.

A True Expedition

Cruising this far north means sailing amidst challenging sea and ice conditions. Like explorer voyages before us, we go where the ice allows. No matter where we sail or what we see, we promise you a safe and thrilling expedition. 

      Be one of the few to sail through the Northwest Passage
      Discover Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site
      Spot diverse wildlife - with a good chance to see polar bears
      Explore some of the most spectacular and unspoiled scenery on Earth

  • Hurtigruten expedition cruise in the cabin grade of your choice  
  • One hotel night in Edmonton incl. breakfast
  • Coach-class flight from Edmonton to Cambridge Bay
  • Transfer from Hotel to airport in Edmonton and airport to ship in Cambridge Bay


  • rich program of included activities on all voyages designed to immerse you in the destinations you visit, including small boat cruising and onshore exploration with the expedition team  
  • Professional English-speaking expedition team - an international handpicked team of highly educated experts in various academic fields with profound knowledge of the regions we sail through  
  • Complimentary wind- and water-resistant jacket   
  • Loan of boots, trekking poles, and equipment needed for optional and included activities 


  • In-depth lectures on science, history, biology, geography, geology or culture that provide context to your voyage and help you understand the destinations you will experience  
  • Explorer Science program, with educational and Citizen Science activities that let you learn about the sights you’ll see while contributing to research
  • Introductory photo lecture, including camera adjustments and tips and tricks
  • Photos and film/video footage from the voyage shared in the Expedition Logbook
  • Casual opportunities to engage with the expedition team and other guests, including a welcome event, daily gatherings to recap the day and prepare for the day to come
  • Opportunities to dine and interact with the expedition team and officers  
  • Destination-focused onboard library  
  • Port presentations providing destination insight
  • farewell event  


  • All meals including beverages (beer and wine, sodas and mineral water in all ship restaurants) 
  • Coffee and tea included throughout the day
  • Early riser and afternoon treat offered in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • A la carte restaurant (only for suite guests) 
  • Gym, outdoor hot tubs and sauna with windows
  • Free Wi-fi onboard for all guests. Be aware that we sail in remote areas with limited connection. Streaming is not supported.
  • No gratuities expected   

  • International flights
  • Optional shore excursions with our local partners 
  • Optional small-group adventures such as kayaking with our expedition team 
  • Travel protection plan
  • Luggage handling 
  • Medical questionnaire mandatory 
  • Visa for Canada (ETA)
    See Entry requirements for more information
  • This cruise is not suitable for guests using wheelchairs due to the possibility of using tender boats during embarkation or disembarkation.
Hurtigruten offers unique expedition cruises to some of the purest and most remote waters of the world. As with all expeditions, nature prevails. Safety is always our top priority. We continuously evaluate our cruises to adapt to unexpected weather, ice and sea conditions, and exciting nature opportunities. That’s why we call it an expedition.
Terms, conditions and restrictions apply; pricing, availability, and other details subject to change and/ or apply to US or Canadian residents. Please confirm details and booking information with your travel advisor.


  1. Canada's Festival City - Edmonton - Hotel

    Enjoy the lively and colorful city of Edmonton on one of our optional pre-cruise Land Adventures before your expedition begins.

    Canada's Festival City - Edmonton - Hotel
  2. A Good Fishing Place - Edmonton / Cambridge Bay - Embarkation

    After breakfast, you transfer to the airport for your flight to Cambridge Bay, called “Iqaluktuuttiaq” in Inuinnaqtun, meaning “good fishing place.” It is famous for the giant char caught in local waters. There is also abundant wildlife in the area: seals, geese, muskoxen and caribou. Our expedition starts with MS Fram here.

    A Good Fishing Place - Edmonton / Cambridge Bay  - Embarkation
  3. Heart of the Northwest Passage - Northwest Passage

    We intend to head into the heart of the Northwest Passage. Since the late 15th century, the search for this fabled seaway in the Canadian Arctic was a holy grail for hardy adventurers. The first recorded voyage was led by John Cabot in 1497. The most famous journey here was James Cook’s failed attempt in 1776, and of course the ill-fated Franklin expedition of 1845. The first to conquer the Passage by ship was Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen on an expedition that lasted from 1903 to 1906.

    Ice conditions vary, so each voyage here is unique. Subject to favorable conditions, we hope to explore some of the following places:

    Gjøa Haven, which honors Amundsen, who wintered here in 1903/04 and 1904/05 on the Gjøa expedition. He called the place “the finest little harbor in the world.”  He learned a great deal about survival and travel in polar regions from the local Netslik Inuit people.

    Fort Ross, which was established in 1937. There are two small huts here maintained by the Canadian Coast Guard, and occasionally used by the local Inuit for shelter.

    Beechey Island, which is closely linked to the history of Northwest Passage exploration, particularly the expedition led by Sir John Franklin, whose two ships sailed into the passage in 1845, but never returned. It is known that the Franklin party overwintered here in 1845.

    Radstock Bay, which is dominated by rocky Caswell Tower. The shoreline here is excellent for short walks to a pre-historic Inuit site. Caswell Tower itself features a challenging hike to the summit for great views.

    Dundas Harbour, which is an abandoned settlement with an old Royal Canadian Mounted Police camp and several archaeological sites from the Thule period. 

    The traditional Inuit community, Pond Inlet, on Baffin Island. Called “Mittimatalik” in Inuktitut, the pictuesque settlement is surrounded by mountain ranges, with glaciers, scenic fjords, ice caves, geological hoodoos and drifting icebergs.

    Throughout our journey, we sail in pristine straits supporting rich wildlife, and will be on the constant look out for amazing creatures such as polar bears.

    Heart of the Northwest Passage - Northwest Passage
  4. Crossing the Davis Strait - At sea - Labrador Sea

    Davis Strait was named for the English explorer, John Davis, who searched for a route through the passage between 1585 and 1587. He was the first to draw attention to seal hunting and whaling possibilities in the area, and that the Newfoundland cod fisheries extended this far north.

    Crossing the Davis Strait - At sea - Labrador Sea
  5. Birth of Icebergs - Ilulissat, Greenland - Full Day

    The stunning scenery of the Ilulissat Icefjord has earned it UNESCO World Heritage site status. At the mouth of the fjord, you can often see enormous icebergs that have run aground. These originate from nearby Jakobshavn Glacier, one of the most productive glaciers in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Included activity:

    Walk to the Icefjords (2 hrs)

    Hear the ice cracking in the distance? Take a closer look at the beautiful icebergs of Ilulissat Icefjord. Getting a close-up view of these frozen giants will slow your world down and leave you humbled. Join us on a walk to enjoy this UNESCO World Heritage site.

    Birth of Icebergs - Ilulissat, Greenland - Full Day
  6. Modern Settlement with Ancient Traditions - Sisimiut - Full Day

    Sisimiut is situated 25 miles north of the Arctic Circle and is a modern settlement that maintains ancient traditions. Come ashore and explore this colorful town. Visit the small museum, hike in the hills and shop for local handicrafts.

    Included activity:

    Kayak Demo and Museum visit (1 - 2 hrs)

    Enjoy a traditional kayaking demonstration and the Sisimit museum. The Inuit invented the ‘qajaq’ in Greenland. Experience the Greenlander kayak roll first hand. Sisimut museum features local cultural history and exhibits different periods of the city’s history and its surroundings.

    Modern Settlement with Ancient Traditions - Sisimiut - Full Day
  7. Capital of Greenland - Nuuk - Full Day

    Nuuk is the political and social center of Greenland and the oldest town in the country, founded in 1728. It is beautifully situated at the mouth of one of most spectacular fjord systems in the world. This is where old and new meet, from picturesque historic buildings to modern architecture.

    Included activity:

    Shuttle & Museum visit (1 - 2 hrs)

    Visit the National Museum of Greenland. Discover exhibitions covering Greenland's history during the past 4,500 years - from the first Arctic Stone Age cultures to the Norse settlements, the arrival of the Thule culture and the gradual transition to modern day Greenland.

    Capital of Greenland - Nuuk - Full Day
  8. Kvanefjord - Kvanefjord - Half Day

    Kvanefjord is a 30 mile-long fjord on the west coast of Greenland. We will spend the day here exploring the amazing landscape.

    Kvanefjord - Kvanefjord - Half Day
  9. Labrador Sea - At sea - Labrador Sea

    We leave Greenland and head for open sea. We will cross the southern part of the Labrador Sea, this time sailing towards Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada.

    Labrador Sea - At sea - Labrador Sea
  10. Red Bay, Labrador - Red Bay - Half Day

    Red Bay, on the coast of Labrador, is a classic outpost of Atlantic Canada with a population of less than 200. In 2013, the Red Bay Basque Whaling Station was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Wander around the former whaling town and learn about its interesting history.

    Included activity:

    Red Bay Highlights Access (1 - 3 hrs)

    Want to get a feel for Red Bay’s local culture and history? Visit both the Red Bay World Heritage Site Interpretation Center, and the Community Center Whaling Exhibit. Feel like stretching your legs? This complimentary pass includes a boat ride to Saddle Island where you can explore the remnants of whale blubber ovens used more four centuries ago.

    Red Bay, Labrador - Red Bay - Half Day
  11. Corner Brook - Corner Brook - Full Day

    Corner Brook is located on the west coast of Newfoundland and has approximately 20,000 inhabitants. The area was first surveyed by Captain James Cook in 1767. Explore the charming town center or enjoy its many walking trails amidst vibrant autumn foilage.

    Corner Brook - Corner Brook - Full Day
  12. Relaxing Day - At sea - Gulf of St. Lawrence

    Enjoy the deep relaxation of a day at sea as the expedition team leads a recap of our fantastic expedition.

    Relaxing Day - At sea - Gulf of St. Lawrence
  13. Halifax - Halifax - Disembarkation

    The British established Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1749. Enjoy a stroll up the hill to the Citadel overlooking the historic provincial capital. Halifax today is both hip and historic, and well worth an extra day or two before you head back home.

    Halifax - Halifax - Disembarkation
Northwest Passage - Cambridge Bay to Halifax Adventure Northwest Passage - Cambridge Bay to Halifax Adventure Northwest Passage - Cambridge Bay to Halifax Adventure Northwest Passage - Cambridge Bay to Halifax Adventure Northwest Passage - Cambridge Bay to Halifax Adventure Northwest Passage - Cambridge Bay to Halifax Adventure Northwest Passage - Cambridge Bay to Halifax Adventure

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