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The Avalon Waterways Difference

Posted on 10/16/2019



Have you ever thought of doing a river cruise? If so, I highly recommend it! It’s a wonderful and relaxing way to see smaller port cities than with traditional ocean cruises while also seeing some terrific inland locales across the globe. And who would I choose to cruise with? Avalon Waterways!

The Stateroom

Let’s start with one of the things that makes Avalon so unique. The stateroom. While it may seem status quo to have your bed facing the window, guess what? It’s not!! And Avalon cracked the code of sheer river cruise luxury by making sure beds face the glorious scenery.
With floor to ceiling, wall to wall, sliding glass doors, your Avalon stateroom becomes your cruising balcony. Enjoy fresh breezes and stunning landscapes from the comfort of your insanely comfortable bed.

Oh yes, Avalon has their own proprietary bed called the Comfort Collection in addition to a pillow and mattress menu to suit your tastes while on board!

The Excursions

Most cruises offer one basic excursion or land tour when in port with the more “interesting” excursions costing guests extra. But not Avalon!

Avalon offers up a wide variety of INCLUDED excursions at every port to suit every type of guest. From traditional historic sight tours to cooking classes for the more culinary focused guest, one-of-a-kind activities to plenty of DIY time, Avalon knows how to make every guest happy.

I was lucky enough to experience Avalon’s Active & Discovery cruise on the Danube this summer. While Avalon is offering Active & Discovery options on most of their cruises, this particular one is geared more toward the active traveler with several active options offered daily.

From biking and hiking to canoeing and more in some of the most beautiful places in the world, Avalon has really cornered the market on seeing the world in a whole new way.

So it’s really up to you, canoe one day, sight see the next, drink wine in a castle, you can do it all with Avalon!
So, are you ready to hop on an Avalon Cruise?

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